Here’s a short account of my recent experience  in the small town of Heber Springs Arkansas.  I traveled through here on the way to Little Rock Arkansas to see my family,  staying two days to take a break from the long road trip.

 There wasn’t much for hotels in this small town all of them except for one were very nasty and the people at the desk were extremely rude.  Holiday Inn what’s close to $200 a night such a high price for such a crappy town.  Though the newly remodeled Hotel did suit our needs.  There was free Wi-Fi in the parking lot was not too crowded as many people don’t seem to come here, I can see why.

 The food selection in the city is barely great considering the other properties of the town.  There is a catfish restaurant, a Sonic , McDonald’s,  Taco Bell,  a Chinese restaurant and a few other places that I can’t remember.  We decided to get the buffet at the Chinese restaurant and then go to Sonic for drinks.  Upon arrival at the Chinese restaurant we did see a cat screwing away from the back side of the building.  I could only Ponder upon the thoughts in the back of my head what were those Chinese people doing to that cat?  Hopefully the cat was just the Stray running around town and not part of the Buffet.  The food at this Chinese restaurant was pretty good the price was fair so we went on to Sonic where we were greeted by a scraggly teenager with an attitude.  Her hair was a mess and she had a I mean demeanor I assume she drank many alcoholic beverages the night before.  This appearance is shared among almost 90% of the youth in this town I do believe this town has a drug problem.  We did receive our drinks from Sonic in a timely manner but the waitress did not give us our correct change and she tried to run off with two of my pennies.

 We drove back to the hotel later on after enjoying the sunset at Sandy Beach. Oh did I mention about Sandy Beach there are many teenagers who like to hang out there and litter the place not only with trash but with themselves.  Just their presents there ruins that nice little spot.  Thug Life this thug life that that’s all you see with the kids in this place.  We were glad to leave the next day.

 All in all this town is very beautiful but only if you can get past the judgmental older folks and the unguided youth.