With the occurrence of warm temperatures, beautiful beaches, pristine natural surroundings, miles of sand and different ecosystem of the tropics different visitors from all over the world have been attracted to make most of their holidays. Tropical areas that have been known to attract tourists have also been equipped proper infrastructure, well-built catering structures, and security to make their vacations more enjoyable and inspiring. Tropical areas such as Hawaii, South Pacific, Caribbean and the Indian Ocean offer an array of romantic options to couples ranging from remote destinations to cities with spa retreats.


This tropical locality offers a wide variety of enjoyable sites that include cascading landscapes, beautiful waterfalls, both active and dormant volcanoes and the warm waters of the Pacific. Hawaii is also a home to six romantic islands which have good retreat places like Mauna Lani bungalows and Bay hotels on the largest island. Other places to travel to are Grand Wailea at Maui together with Royal Hawaiian at Waikiki which feature a network of lagoon pools, lavish accommodation, and nice dining motels. The Spa Grande located in Hawaii is large enough to accommodate many visitors because of its largeness of size. It amounts to about fifty thousand square foot in size and has romantic interludes that offer a double Hawaiian bath, double massages and couples harmonious wrap which can be used comfortably by the two couples.

South Pacific

This place is identified to be an example of places that avoid the vengeance of water forces such as tsunamis and hurricanes and therefore an ideal place to have a tropical outing. The south of Pacific stretches from Eastern Island of the West to the New Zealand in the East and also Northwards to Hawaii. There are islands with diverse landscapes, histories, and cultures in South of Pacific as well. Crystal blue water surrounds the region to bring up the warm conventional climate and sea breeze. Places like Tahiti, Fiji, Bora Bora, Likuliku Lagoon Resort and Le Taha’a Island resorts are among the major places visited.


Thousands of islands are present from Jamaica, British Virgin Island, Barbados, St Lucia towards Antigua and offer perfect paradise to the couples. There are reasons why it has been considered as the best places to encounter for a holiday to couples, for instance, a place like Tobago has a serene, remote location which is good for relaxation.

Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is home to diverse islands including Madagascar, Mauritius, Sri Lanka and also Coral Islands in Maldives. Scenic surroundings and warm tropical temperatures make the region more reliable for honeymoons. There are different types of food to be consumed by the visitors as well because the ocean is a home to many sea fishes.